Q – What is your social media footprint like?

Q – What is your social media footprint like?

In case you hadn’t noticed, my nick on here isn’t my legal name. And that’s how you begin. But it’s not just about safety or kids trying to avoid being bullied. It’s also about being smart about what you view and believe. If you want to know about science or medical sources, it’s best not to rely on social media sites.

If someone claims they know something, ask google if what they say is widely known. You should find google scholar articles or ones in reputable field journals.

If someone has a theory about humanity, there should be plenty of reasons why it makes sense. Like the biological chain is direct to us. ie You don’t jump from a lobster or a rat to humanity for eg. We don’t have the same genetic makeup or social dynamics as they do.

Their information shouldn’t forward racist/bigoted agendas.

And they shouldn’t have a conflict of interest. Like wanting to sell a book, vs an article their colleagues would read. Or marketing a diet you need to buy specific foods for. Or promoting a product or drug that is in direct competition to what they are saying is a bad idea.

If someone is eminently qualified, their path is thru a group of colleagues, or at least agreed with by colleagues. It isn’t going on a conspiracy theorist’s show to talk about something that alienates marginalized people.

Ultimately, you do decide who you believe. But sometimes, it’s better to pre-screen the person before you start nodding along. Let alone sharing their information.

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