Most People Work and Study in Associations/ Groups/ Unions

Most People Work and Study in Associations/ Groups/ Unions

Most people like to believe that they are free citizens and can do anything they want. So long as they follow the rules of the country. In other words, don’t be a criminal and you’ll do fine, right?

But it just isn’t that simple, is it?

All your life, you work to belong. To your family, your peers, your culture/religion, and whatever field of study &/or work you are interested in.

And sure you’d like to believe that they’d stand behind you whatever you did…. But don’t they have a reasonable expectation that you won’t shame them if you speak as their member?

Does your partner/spouse have a reasonable expectation that you won’t talk about your sex life, or flirt with intention to cheat, or share something they told you in confidence?

If you have a job that has high security or privacy involved, aren’t you supposed to keep your mouth shut about what goes on at work? Even who your clients are?

I think you get the point, that your speech is curbed by your associations. And so it should be,

So why is it a surprise, or even up for discussion, when you get told your speech isn’t completely free?

I’d think as an adult, you’d know by now, discretion is expected in all your life dealings. It’s part of the social contract you have with those you belong to.

….. samples of associations

  • You went to school where you did.
  • You were trained in your job at school or at work.
  • You pay fees to boards or committees that allow you to claim you are their member in ‘good standing’ and take their guidance seriously.
  • You’re a member of a union.
  • You live in a community and agree to live by it’s laws or face the consequences.
  • neighbourhood association, where you agree to their input on paint colour and external decor
  • (in Canada) Even as a business owner, you join local business groups, and the Better Business Bureau.
  • And some groups like govt, military and police not only have to regulate themselves, but everyone else.

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