Extending the Scope of a Pharmacist

Extending the Scope of a Pharmacist

Ontario is looking to extend what a pharmacist is able to do to reduce the workload and traffic in overloaded doctors’ offices and ERs.

the plan

Ontario isn’t the province that would rely heaviest on pharmacists. But it is an issue when you consider such things as elderly and vulnerable people who need to safely access these services. When many pharmacies are located in open stores, or sell products that are not drug related. So how would they safely support the frailest citizens in an open store? Would they put in more counselling areas so there is more privacy than they have now?

And there is why Ontario’s Conservative govt would want to do this as well…. Because Weston (ie Shoppers Drug Mart, Zehrs Pharmacy) is a major donor to the party. Oh that looks legal!

What do you think of this idea?

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