An Amulet Says – Qué será, será (a story)

An Amulet Says – Qué será, será

Pedrina carefully wrapped the amulets she had bought for her little cottage store. It was a place where she saw women who wanted to push back the veil to the future or past.

The women wanted to see what their lives had been before this one. To know what had shaped the life they had now.

And to see what their future was with the man their parents had picked for them. To see if there was something they had missed usually. They wanted to know if they would be well cared for. If he could provide for her and her children. To see if they had an out.

And they wanted something to protect them. From bad spirits and bad luck.

Pedrina said prayers over the amulets. And stored them in the shelf where only she could reach them. All except the ones she put in a display case, so women could see which they wanted.

They had their choice of chain or stone. Some looked better with finer chains and some with thicker ones.

The women thought Pedrina was doing this for them, for the village. But not really. It gave her some pocket money her father denied her. So she could refuse if he brought men for her marry. So she had her escape fund, if anyone got pushy.

Her mother was her ally in this endeavour. The last thing she wanted was her husband picking her daughter’s for her.

So on the night of the full moon, Pedrina and her mom walked to one of the edges of town and buried a jar of money. To hide it from him. And her mom took the rest to her husband. He thought Pedrina wasn’t very fast at making amulets and didn’t sell many. And they let him think that.

Soon, Pedrina would leave for good.. And she had kept enough hidden, even from her mom, so they could both leave, together.

Her prayerful queries were to know if she and her mom would get away free and be happy. Before her father caught on.

Because if he ever found out? They’d both be in deep trouble. And that was why Pedrina was making sure her mom was coming too.

Pedrina was worried. Her one foot itched to go now. Her other foot wasn’t sure if they’d get away or even if they deserved to. She felt dread.

To calm herself, Pedrina sang the song …..

Qué será, será
Whatever will be, will be
The future’s not ours to see
Qué será, será
What will be, will be
Qué será, será

Pedrina felt like a fool selling hope to the women and girls who bought amulets from her. But it was her only hope.

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