Death’s Priestess (a story)

Death’s Priestess

While waiting for the other women, Marwa gathered the herbs and wraps she needed for her task. She carefully laid them out in anticipation of their work.

And carefully, Marwa laid the book of rites and prayers beside the tray of needful things. She automatically said a prayer as she lowered the book. And caressed it’s skin wrapping before she pulled her hand away.

Marwa stopped by the sink to be sure the water was working and the towels were stacked in abundance. This job always took plenty of towels.

Finally, Marwa heard the other women coming down the hall. And put her hair back so she was ready to work.

Though they had made quiet noise in the hall, the women entered the room on mute.

And they all gathered around the body of the newly departed woman to prepare her for her next journey. Each saying a portion of the prayers for the dead as they cleaned her.

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