Kitchen Witch (a story)

Kitchen Witch

Francesca loved working in her kitchen. She kept it clean and organized like she was in the military. There were no extra things kept in the kitchen. Except two candles on her kitchen hearth and a radio so she could listen to soothing music while she cooked and cleaned the kitchen. Groceries were in their storage bins or the fridge. Dishes were always washed and put away after meals. She was fastidious about mise en place.

When she was hurried or in a bad mood, she said a calming prayer before she entered the kitchen. She didn’t want anything negative entering her food.

She wore a special apron, full of greenery and fruits that looked like they could jump onto a plate and be delicious.

Her family might mumble about her fastidious behaviour, But they couldn’t complain about her food. Or the care she took about their health and happiness. And other than helping make cookies for fun, they were ok with her not letting them in her kitchen. Till they were old enough to understand what hygiene meant when applied to food.

There was a small porch off the kitchen for her herb garden and the BBQ. And a small table and sink there for such things as meat or fish prep. She didn’t want anything butchered in her domain.

Francesca even had a small shelf of balms and tinctures on the porch for those sudden illnesses and injuries that kids get. Even her first aid kit was there. Her kitchen really was bloodless.

Everywhere you looked, you could see Francesca’s intentions and good energy. Which is why her family thrived.

So Francesca was happy. And that was the best intention of all.

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