Dear Ivory Tower – A New Thought Came to Town!

Dear Ivory Tower – A New Thought Came to Town!

When you’re getting your education, there are times when you get kind of blinded by what you’re learning. Stuck in field ruts. And it nearly takes an act(s) of God to get you to look up and around.

I mean what you are learning is accepted, right? Better minds than yours and all, ya know? How does a student DARE question the theory and the teacher??!

How does one theorist stand against all their colleagues when they risk everything by doing so? Even being called a kook or a junk scientist.

You’d have to have pretty sturdy evidence, right? Because you’re going to blow up the ivory tower you rely on.


How do you correct for that? You don’t really WANT to be that blind, rigid, do you? There is such a thing as ‘hive mind’.


It’s a lot of the reason why you begin your studies with at least 6 separate credits. For eg, I majored in psych (when on campus learning) and my first year creds were sociology, business, English tech writing, religion and philosophy. And I came into univ with medical science training (cert and experience). So the next years of study kept tweaking what I had learned in those courses as well. So instead of writing about just neurotic development, I was looking at cultural variance, economic interests and disease patterns that aren’t necessarily specific to psychology. Like the difference between dementia and early childhood development. It is in many ways a linear regression. More of an epidemiological approach. But about mental health vs bacteria or viruses.

It also meant I didn’t always fall in line when profs were telling me what field thought was.

Sometimes I had experienced things that I took into study or study validated. Like a family of addicts led me to read up on that and family violence/bad dynamics. Growing up in a religious environ that was almost cloistered for women led me to look at cult/occult groups.

Which to the people trying to guide me must have looked pretty odd. But to me it was therapeutic. I had an education like few others in the world would want or have.

And a serious search underlying both my on campus and online learning has been ethics, Which to me meant learning current techniques and a broader view of human study. That doesn’t allow for as in depth on one field either.


What brought this thought up for me today was hearing on twitter that there was a show that was ‘out there’. So me being me, I watched it. And where they were saying it was bizarre, I was making connections. And I saw where the guy was going.

If you want, you can watch the show. Or you can just leave it at reading this post. But it explains exactly what I mean by not being 100% into the hive mind of academia and the consequences you can face as a result.


Ancient Apocalypse – Death on the Nile is about an Egyptologist who sees or doesn’t see what his field says he should and gets called a kook for it. But you know what? He just might be right…. Let me know what you think if you watch.

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