Learning – Subliminal Messages in Content

Learning – Subliminal Messages in Content

But is it though?

When course content shows a majority or course placement of white, European, Christian, male views…. at what point does it lose it’s credibility?


Even if it does show other views, but doesn’t stick to historical place or even place of power in religion or military purpose, is it really inclusive?


When religion and military are the arch focii of studies of culture, and we know they show as predominantly male, how do we correct for this?


War discussions look at the strategies and tools of the winner. Not what they were up against and why they won.


Even in discussion of tools, most of the reviews focus on hunting, war rather than craftwork or meal preparation.


Can you compare fairly between cultures? And how would you do this? Perhaps by dividing the culture into smaller criteria – like tools, architecture, trade, written language, social roles, familial groupings, gender/sexual definitions? ….


There has been some progress in this. But historical reviews are still in early stages. And in learning, that can be a real frustration. It can often harm the people you claim to be including. So at what point do we do more than review? More than study? And actually change our methods of learning?

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