Q – Is Public Health Just About the People?

Q – Is Public Health Just About the People?

People and their movement/collective behaviour has been a huge element of the discussion in this pandemic. Which is why the focus has been on things like masks, vaccines and lockdowns. As well as watching the presence of the virus in waste water, the people who need to be tested and treated. And the people’s risks, injuries of the disease and deaths. We have even looked at compliance to mandates and getting the vaccines.

But what if I suggested that we have a complete area of public health and behaviour that isn’t getting the focus it should be in precautions?

And what is that Ms P you ask?

In the past few years, there have been some efforts to circulate the air with fans and open windows, and use filters on HVAC systems and air filter boxes.

Sure these things all help and they help now. Which is important.

We’ve even discussed changing society by having school and work at least be hybrid if not having people stay at home rather than go to school or the office.

But is anyone seeing discussion of things like zoning: building codes about max residents in care facilities/wards, separate circulation systems maybe even bidgs for clinics, apts. office towers, about layouts, window placement. street width and patios, take out windows, drive thrus, sheltered wait areas, bike and walking paths.

See? There are shifts that need to be made in how we deal with pandemics. Because this won’t be the last one, and maybe not even the worst one. But no one is really looking at how our world/society needs to reorganize so we can buffer ourselves a bit better.

Why is that?

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