What Does Repentance Mean to You?

What Does Repentance Mean to You?

Several of the world’s religions have periods of atonement or repentance in their rites. Where they try to mend their lives and relationships. Not just with their God and themselves, but with their families and neighbours.

They may fast as they work thru this time so they can concentrate on mental and holy matters rather than physical concerns.

I have an easier time with the between God and myself part than anything with other humans. I think God understands that human beings are fallible. Most humans seem to have difficulty understanding what God is supposed to do though. IMO anyways. How hands on is a deity supposed to be in their creation?

Fallibility is not something humans seem to remember if they feel wronged by another human. Yet if we wrong another, we ask for forgiveness because we are fallible. If we want that grace, aren’t we obliged to extend it to others when they ask?

So doesn’t that mean that the largest issue or flaw is a lack of understanding rather than a will to harm?

Aren’t most people fumblers rather than abusers?

Something I often consider, whether it’s the day for it in a religious calendar.

What are your thoughts? And do they come from a place of religious practice? Or moral code, understanding of human nature?

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