PSA – Looking Out for Your Neighbours

PSA – Looking Out for Your Neighbours

Whatever your crisis of the week is, it’s important to remember that emergency services (police, fire, ED/ambulance, even military sometimes) are busy with the bigger stuff.

So could you please check in on your neighbours? If you know they can’t get to the grocery store or pharmacy, could you make a run for them?

If you know they have trouble making their meals and social services may not be able to get their usual meals out to them, could you make something for them to eat? Please check with them what they can tolerate first.

Calling is the better option if the phone lines are up, but be aware at least when your neighbour is usually up and about and see if they show up then. Meet them and ask if they need anything. If they don’t show up, knock on their door and see if they’re ok. If they need anything.

In the UK this year, many will be without heating. So if you could, check out where heating centres are, and if you have spare blankets, please loan them to your neighbour.

Walk their perimeter after a storm and make sure there aren’t any new dangers. Like downed hydro lines or tree limbs on path ways or on their roof or porch.

We get blizzards, tornados, wild fires, and floods in Ontario. So this may seem like it’s old hat to you. But I think it’s a timely reminder after the hurricane in the Maritimes that disaster can strike at any time, and anywhere. When it does, we need to be prepared to help with the smaller stuff, because even they can mean life/death to someone in need.

Emergency kit:

(for a start)
bottled water, aspirin/tylenol, bandages, dry tea, coffee, dry juice crystals, canned or dehydrated food (for seniors pop tops are best), cereals, bread

If you have more suggestions, I hope you comment.

do you know CPR?

Do you know how to check if someone is alert, have a concussion, a break, can you properly bandage a wound? If you don’t yet, the Red Cross and St John’s Ambulance offer courses. (in Canada)

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