Symbolism (a story/ish)


May the words of the wronged be heard. May the wounds be healed. And may their sorrow and fear be released. But most of all, let the world be changed so this never happens again. Use me to spread this message of love.


In the spirit realm, a meeting took place that had great significance to humanity’s future.

Three souls of the elders met with their oppressors’ spirits and they sat to talk thru history. The healer, the chief, the collector who had wronged them were forced to listen to the stories of pain and terror they had caused, or had been caused in their names.

The healer was told of the enemies of distance and bigotry that the people had suffered. The chief heard about the violence and neglect they had perpetuated. And the collector heard of families separated and children who suffered for generations.

They all heard of the wrong medicines taken and culture stolen by their oppressive actions. They heard of diseases spread and sorrow untold found in their scars.

And instead of the earthly meetings that had seen blame shifted and no responsibility taken, this meeting had power. Finally.


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