Sky High (a story)

Sky High

Franklin was appointed crew chief of the build. And he was excited when he arrived the first day. He counted things the first day. He had the plans and the number of the architect on speed dial. He knew the names of all the local inspectors and their reputations so he knew what they’d be looking for when they showed up. He had hired and spent time with all the trades and sub contractors. And he had checked out the local depots where he could route his supplies thru and who could get him something he needed in a pinch. He had even looked at a few pizza and chicken delivery joints for when he wanted to give the guys a treat. Cuzz he didn’t want them going off site and getting drunk on his dime or time. That just begged for an accident. He and his family had tasted it all and his kids said it was good enough it went on their family’s menu. High praise from them!

He laid out the base of the build with chalk lines so everyone knew exactly where to dig. And marked off all electrical and gas lines. And he walked every inch of the marked area to look for any unusual changes in the land. It looked like each bit was within the same time frame. But just in case, he filmed his walk and sent it to a friend who was an archaeologist to see if he noted anything that might lead to the site having to be closed for investigations.

So when the guys arrived, he was ready. He shook all of their hands and spent some time with the union rep and the lead hands. He told them how he liked to run his sites and got their blessings.

Then they met with the architect and went over the plans together, and laid out the first week’s schedule for who would be doing what on the site. So they wouldn’t be running over each other. This first week would probably be the easiest one to keep on track.

Everyone was getting excited by the project which filled Franklin with hope for the work. But then how could you not when they knew the world would be watching as they built something so challenging, innovative, and important.

They were building the first completely green super mall. Complete with solar panels, recycled air, store dividers that could be easily changed/dismantled, toilets that had smaller tanks, sinks that paused flow when no hands were under the tap, green spaces with indoor gardens including trees. All kinds of features that would make it a model for future malls. To say it could indeed be done. When this mall was up, there would be no more excuses.

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