Oct 1 – Travel Restrictions re: Covid Lifted in Canada

Oct 1 – Travel Restrictions re: Covid Lifted in Canada

Is it a meaningless show for the CONVOY crowd? And to get the Conservative Party off the govt’s back about opening mandates?

It may indeed be an empty gesture. Because the USA is on the other side of the debate. And they still require vaccines etc. While it’s true that the CDC has lifted federal mandates, it left the door open for states and municipalities to keep requirements in place if they are experiencing an upsurge in cases.

And Canada has consistently kept our cases lower than the USA.

Can the Canadian traveller go to other countries, just because our borders are open? Nope, sorry. Their borders have to be open to receive. And some of them have tighter rules than Canada ever has. Some people in Canada have the Oxford vaccine which has caused them issues in access to other lands. They weren’t recognized.

But funnily enough, it isn’t people who are frequent flyers or even take trains or buses to the world or USA that have been calling for the border to open. Not really. The worst complainers have been the Convoy crowd. Who TBH don’t have the money to travel. They just want something to whine about. To call PM Trudeau a dictator over.

And it suits the Conservative Party to let them do their work for them.

The people most affected are those who cross the border, by car usually, because they have a job or family on the other side. And like I said, the USA border still has mandates. Their case numbers are still too high to let that go.

So folks? You still aren’t going anywhere if you don’t have your vaccines up to date. And depending where you’re going? You still may need to wear a mask in public places when you get there.

And that isn’t because of PM Trudeau. So maybe lay off the guy?

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