Was it a Demon or an Alien? (a story)

Was it a Demon or an Alien?

In the after times, the children were told many tales by their elders about the early times. The children shook their heads and giggled a little. Knowing this is the way the elders spoke about the past, the great past. So they took everything said with a grain of salt.

But the buildings and tools were there! So when the story was over, the children went off to play and compare notes. Some supreme being had come along to the people, usually with flashes and circles in the sky, and taught them what it took to survive. Or at least survive better. They helped them make the tools they needed, showed them how to use them and how to make the buildings. And when it was done they asked a few elders to come with them in the circles.

The elders were scared, but these beings had helped their people. So the elders were willing to be the sacrifice. That’s what the elders did for their community. They hugged their children and rode in the circle to the sky. There were flashes and the elders and their helpers were never seen again.

But what were the helpers? Why would a demon help them? To spite the gods maybe? Weren’t the people meant to know how to build these cities? Was their a bad thing about them? Why would an alien help them? So some day maybe they could trade with the people? Or was there something they were doing when the people weren’t watching?

The children thought and chatted. The elders laughed at their thoughts and chatted. But no one knew for sure. It could even be a fairy story that never happened. But they knew that at different places on the planet, the same experience was being talked about. Why?

It wasn’t the water. Or the food. And even their language and culture were somewhat different. So why did the same story make it around the world? And why did the temples and cities look so similar? When these people had never met?

It’s a ponder that many elders and children consider. Right up till they see the circles come back across the skies and land in the pasture where they now had a few animals and the elders went out to see what these beings wanted now. Were they the same beings?

No one would ever know. But they were wondering if they would be taught something else? Or if this time the bill was coming due?

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