And in that House ….. (a story/ish)

And in that House

And in that house were rooms
That you’d see anywhere
In any other house
Maybe not laid out the same way
Maybe not in the exact same colours
Maybe not the same furniture
Or even the same people either
Maybe there’ll be a family
Of how many generations
Or a few friends sharing the rent
Or maybe it will sit empty cuzz
Some speculator bought it
Since the land has value
Is there a plan for the area?
Or something they can extract?
How long has the house been there?
Does it have bug or rodent infestations?
How many ghosts and demons
does it have inside it’s walls?
Was anyone beaten or killed inside?
Does any of this change the way
it’s taxed, protected or sold?
Is this house on the tourist map?
Or is this the one that has too
much blood and gore on it’s floors for you to want to go inside?
Does this house belong to you?
Or is it just an image you’ve seen when you walked by?
All of that goes thru your mind when you consider it.
Even if you are just in the neighbourhood for a moment.
But what would you want to know
if you were the one going to buy it?
Besides the price.

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