Q – Have you heard of the term ‘Quiet-quitting’ and what does it mean to you?

Q – Have you heard of the term ‘Quiet-quitting’ and what does it mean to you?


“Quiet-quitting is the concept of performing your job expectations and not going above and beyond,”
Andrea Bartlett = Humi


‘Others say it’s about setting healthy boundaries or not mindlessly buying into ‘hustle culture.’ And then there are those who say it’s about taking back control of your time and standing up to employers expecting you to do more without paying you more.’


Back in the day of working in union ‘shops’, this used to be called ‘work to rule’. It was a strike tactic to let the boss know they needed to up their game at the negotiation tables.

Which kind of covered both concepts of quiet quitting. You didn’t think you were getting treated fairly, weren’t happy with your boss, place of work, or work life balance. So you only did what you thought was necessary. Nothing more, nothing less. Boundaries dude!


And the start of this seems to be blamed/linked to the pandemic. They say the risk of losing it all can shift your priorities, so yeah. That makes sense. Who wants to be stuck in the rat race while your family could be taken from you tomorrow? Not me! Money just isn’t worth that time lost.

So what about your job would you drop? And what would you down size in your life to achieve that? Because the boss? Aint gonna do whatever you want just to keep staff.

They’re too busy screaming that ‘nobody wants to work anymore’!!

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