Q – Trade – If you had a magic wand and could change how we do things as a country, what would you change?

Q – Trade – If you had a magic wand and could change how we do things as a country, what would you change?

I think we do have to show some loyalty to our trading partners IF THEY ARE TREATING US FAIRLY.

But what if they’re not? I get that times are tough and getting tougher. There are (always) wars on and environmental disasters. Shit happens! And yeah if they’re good to us, we should ride out the occasional blip.

But what if they’re not?

This is the major issue I have with NAFTA. (North American Free Trade Agreement between Canada, US and Mexico). The US seems to think it means they can bully Mexico and Canada (because they have more money, clout and missiles/bombs?)

When we sit at the contract table, it’s never as their equal or partner. And we have to accept their terms more than we should.

If they cannot supply what they said they would, shouldn’t we be able to go to others? We did this time. We signed with the E.U. too.

If they keep upping their prices outside of what we agreed to at time of contract, do we have recourse? Nope. We’ve agreed to purchase what we have, no matter what it costs. That should be fixed!

We should be held accountable for our own citizens’ poverty, and advocate for our own nation first and foremost.

In any other contract that would be considered ‘bad faith’ deals. But does it in trade? Nope esp not with the USA. Within months of renegotiating NAFTA, Trump tried to say Canada needed to pay more for things we get from them….. And he refused items that led to a serious shortage of formula for babies. I think they’re still climbing out from under that?

Is there recourse when one acts like a bully? Nope. Trump was a brute to Mexico and Canada. And our leaders/negotiating team. He still is, though out of office now. He still is interfering in our concerns (ie Convoy)

So what should we do? If WEF , the World Bank, the World Trade org, and the UN had teeth, if there was a trade issue, nations could ask for help in these issues. They should have an economic and trade tribunal. At least!

I belong to a few advocacy groups and sites that send petitions to the global parties on behalf of citizens, rather than thru our govts. And recently, I got one asking if I thought the UN should have a bigger. better role in the world.. I said yes and this is why. I think they should be acting on global concerns and be able to drop countries that are misbehaving. NO MATTER WHO THEY ARE. That might resolve some of the issues they have with the other continents. Get more nations on side with the SDG 2030.

But TBH, that’s unlikely that the US will ever face sanctions. But they should. Not only for what they do to their own citizens (women, transgender, BIPOC), but also for how often they start a war and commit war crimes.

How likely will this happen? Slim to none. Unless the UN is changed.

And since that is the case, Canada should be able to seek succor elsewhere. Like the Commonwealth and E.U. And I think we’re starting to get that. Took a bit though. Thx Trump?

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