Earliest Laws Ever? – The Code of Urukagina, 2380–2360 BCE

Earliest Laws Ever? – The Code of Urukagina, 2380–2360 BCE


Today we claim to be fair, just, seeking equity for our citizens…. We claim to be able to live together and be enlightened. But are we?

Historians have been able to look at societies’ laws since the earliest writings of humanity. And in Mesopotamia they found efforts to curb corruption/usury of religious leaders and large property owners.

We don’t seem to have a handle on that, and usury (indulgences) is one of the major reasons why the Catholics and Protestants split in the Reformation. They didn’t think eternity was for sale, I guess.

Wouldn’t the world be a nicer place if religious groups and big businesses couldn’t prey on the poor, widows and orphans? If you couldn’t even treat a slave badly? The ones we know now might be out of business. Think of a world where fair prices and fair treatment of workers was the law, rather than just profiteering run amok.

It’s a thought anyways.

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