Purges (a story/ish)


There once was a soul from Pangea who was in charge of the book of life. Though many times this person was warned not to, he looked ahead to see how things he had decided would go. And often erased his decisions when he saw how the leaders would handle these moments.

What should be so simple among equals would be stretched into scarcity and war, shame and incarceration, control and stereotypes. And each time it would break his heart a little more. Till all he had left was shards. Shards that broke his chest open more and more.

Peoples who should love and work together were acting on distrust and fear. Rage and hate. Though it would seem as if they were able to at least bond with their own, they were ready to turn on each other when the next foul wind came thru.

Ready to purge those who weren’t currently in favour. Ready to spew those who weren’t their own. Ready to terrorize those who seemed frail or alone.

Finally, the person changed the title of his previously treasured tome from the book of life, to the book of death and misery. And he put the book on the highest shelf in the library. And he left the room.

Soon his friends came looking for him. And found him laying in his own tears of blood. And tried their best to help him. But he was inconsolable.

His friends carried him to bed and made sure he had water and fruit beside him. They checked on him thru the night. The water was left unreduced, the fruit pristine, and he was soiled.

They were scared for him, so they called one of the elders to come to his rooms.

The elder heard their fears, and listened to his laments. They cried together over the fate of humanity. And the elder told him tales of the after worlds that were now being created for those who would suffer now. Places of joy and comfort. Places of healing and succour.

Soon the man came out of his reverie and gathered himself. He thanked his friends and the elder. He never went back to the book though.

Because, to his sorrow, nothing he wrote in the book would change what became in a positive way. And he had so wanted to help the earth be it’s best.

The elder took over the task, and though he had sorrow and worry over the fates of humanity while they traversed their earthly paths, he had none about the end game.

That end would be in the time and hands of the gods again. No matter what tricks the peoples got up to.

The last purge would come only to lead the peoples to their forever homes.

The Battle Between Textbook and Lived Experience in Disability Support & Information

The Battle Between Textbook and Lived Experience in Disability Support & Information

In the past week, I’ve written about Quality of Life and the difference between Impairment and Disability, and how much what others do impacts those factors.

Another critical issue is the relationship between caregivers, doctors & professionals, and the person with disabilities (PWD).

Professionals tend to study at length, then decide they’re done learning and know everything there is to know about health and diseases or disabilities. They then spend the rest of their lives trying to fit square pegs into round holes. Forgetting that every single person has a different experience within the condition.

Their books need to have a rule #1 added to the patient or client:


This patient is a person. They are your new Bible. Instead of telling them what they are experiencing and need, try asking them.


Most people with health issues and disabilities have pain and fatigue that are their primary symptoms. And most of their relationships are coloured with frustration, distrust, rage and worry. That has been earned the hard way.

It’s not helpful in anyway to say this person is having psychiatric symptoms when it’s a natural response to what they’re going thru and how people are treating them.


Have you heard of the spoons theory?

PWD spend their days fighting for things and tasks. And to feel included. Their strength is affected by

  • the weather,
  • their diet,
  • how much sleep they got,
  • how much support they have
  • and where they are in their highs, lows and cycles of their condition.

So what they can and can’t do changes from moment to moment, day to day. Expecting that to be the same every time you see them is impossible.

That means the best thing you can do for them is ask them what they need each time.

So rule #2 is:

don’t presume you know.

Not when it comes to their care, support or even research about their conditions, feelings or their life within them.

Nothing about us without us

And best of all, their world is full of hurdles and people who just do everything they can to be hurtful and disrespectful. So your new function as an ally is:

be their safe person.

On Pierre Poilievre – Tips for Talking About Politics When You Say You Want to be Prime Minister of Canada….

On Pierre Poilievre – Tips for Talking About Politics When You Say You Want to be Prime Minister of Canada….

Esp after being in the game of politics for a few years now.

you should know!

  • In Canada, we have the right to freedom of expression. Not speech. It is curbed somewhat by not being able to make threats, incite violence, fearmonger or express hate speech. But hey that’s just good manners, right? Sorry! (I’m Canadian eh)
  • We have no such thing as the right to bear arms.
    Maybe BARE arms, but that’s only if it’s warm enough, right?
  • And you know that ‘Magna Carta’ that US and UK folk go on about? Yeah that’s not ours. Yes I’m sure! I googled it and the goddess of google is better than that law school you didn’t go to. (We do social studies in Canada not civics)

Now don’t get me wrong, we love us some wood, esp from maple trees, but please don’t stroke it like you’re obsessed. And who has a fire on in July??? So you’re the guy who really does live in an igloo? Then shouldn’t there be huskies laying by the fire?

And let’s not get started on the company you keep. A soldier headed for court martial, an ex prof in midst of melt down, and seditionists travelling in a convoy. Yeah you’d make a HELL of a PM, you wood!

Ok you might be running for the seat, but at this point, will the party let you? How long has it been since you met with a constituent? Do the job you got there, mr. Before you say you can do the PM’s job better than he can!

Gawd! Imagine if you were the PM?

No buffer during the pandemic, no social services, not even pensions for seniors, corporate bailouts are cool though. No health care, unless you can pay for it….
Daddy Harper must be SOOOO proud. It’s almost as if he birthed you himself! You and Trump would be great pals … too bad North America would be in hell.

The Last Guardians of the Village (a story/ish)

The Last Guardians of the Village

These guardians had heard the stories of when the other armies had gone thru their lands and what had happened. So they thought they were ready for their tricks and games.

They learned when the marauders had come and eaten the hearts of their combatants. They put a breast plate over their chests and carried on fighting. Even if it seemed a little paranoid in this day of enlightenment. Who ate a heart anymore?!

They learned when the thieves had come thru and picked up anything the villagers had left outside their huts. The guardians didn’t think there was anything left to steal. Not land, song, or relic of the old ones and their novelties. Who didn’t have their own things these days?! Wasn’t everyone rich now? They kept saying they were!

They learned from the salesmen who came thru with their cloths from far lands and tinctures from some sage or medicine man. What person couldn’t find the goods they needed? They were just a click away these days. No long trips or shipping dates needed.

The guardians watched the shores for ships, the fields for human vermin sneaking in, and the woods for scurrying birds that made odd noised that sounded like a clock. Who had a clock in the woods? These guardians were no fools after all!

But there were some who got thru who carried nothing but their voice and thoughts. What harm could they do against an entire village after all? And yet they found out that these enemies were the worst of all. They caused dissention and worry where none was needed. And changed some of even the most stubborn minds to their way of thinking. It separated the village into sections like never before.

These guardians thought they were prepared. That was their last thought as they lay dying….

It wasn’t a marauder, a thief, a salesman, a ship, some fraudster or a philosopher this time. Oh no!

This time it was a soldier of another kind who snuck into the village and killed the guardians of old, one at a time. It was nothing ordinary, nor was it a dragon or monster.

No this time, it was the claim the village made to be unified. It left the world mocking them and the guardians died…. of shame.

With the guardians of old gone, and all the tricks and games free to roam, the village was plundered again. To the last man, child and woman, they were destroyed. And only their lesson left to teach the world.

The lesson? There is no such thing as homogenous.

Q – What is the difference between Impairments & Disabilities?

Q – What is the difference between Impairments & Disabilities?

Would you believe me if I said it’s not often their own limits? That it’s more likely to be community and legal pushback?

  • Common sense accommodations & protections aren’t put in place,
  • stigma, creating a hostile environment (jokes, bigotry, using field jargon to describe people’s conduct, harassment, refusing them a place in careers, study, relationships in the community)
  • sterilization – forced or coerced reproductive control taken away
  • resources are ltd (and it’s not because they don’t exist either),
  • disabled people are more likely to be abused by partners, families, carers,
  • disabled people are often left in legislated poverty
  • and human rights (even those that are codified into law) are disrespected