When Trade and Tourism are Global Markets – The Stock Exchange

When Trade and Tourism are Global Markets – The Stock Exchange

Tracking one country isn’t telling you the whole story. Even if it is the USA. Time starts in the Pacific, where the sun rises and ends in the west or Atlantic. Usually it’s the richest nations that act on the side of law that get tracked at all. They don’t show the ebbs and flows of seasonal movement. Like countries that are fad faves for sun or skiing. Or how high the seasonal fashion shows go and when the art season changes.

Yes, you do know what stocks are trading at the highest on the exchanges, but which country has more of that product or resource to offer this year? And why are they at the top this year, vs last year or the year before? Was there a new strike of oil or a new vein found in gold or diamonds? Did a war begin that impeded export? What are the politics and war status on that region usually? How stable is that region?

Did a new company go public and people are really excited about it? So they’re buying up what they can get? Did an established company come up with a new product? And yes, was there a pandemic, so the pharmacy companies are raking it in?

Or is there a hostile takeover, a familial death so the next gen gets the CEO seat by right of inheritance? Does the market have faith in that change of hands?

Is there a scandal? Is it a business (insider trading, embezzlement) or personal one (got caught on Epstein’s Island)? It seems even money has some morals.

Or does it? Because even the gangs, syndicates and triads can get their products on the market, if they ‘appear’ clean enough.

That’s what affects the market, but it doesn’t always affect whether or not the company still has it’s doors open, or if the workers are still located in a G8 country or rise in a third world nation. Or if the police raided the company and their funds are now frozen.

So what makes a bear or bull market? And how does little Joe or Candy get onto this kind of super highway? Srsly? They don’t.

With rare exception And they make the connections in business and politics that reinforce what they guestimate as a good buy or sell. They are the type of person who becomes a kingmaker. How many little citizens have that available to them? So sure, you might be able to quit your job if you’re really really good at day trading, but you won’t ever have Gates or Bezos walking around money.

What is your plan for trading? Walk into your bank and ask about a money market account. Where the bank do the plotting of stocks and resources. They have hired economists who do this specific thing for their customers. Will it get you rich? Probably not. But you might get a nice vacation out of it now and then.

time clocks

Tokyo, Japan
Brisbane, Australia

London, United Kingdom
Greenwich Mean Time

New York City, NY, USA
Los Angeles, CA, USA

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