Outsiders – When Predator and Dame Fall in Love (a story)

Outsiders – When Predator and Dame Fall in Love

They both moved on the outer perimeter of their community.

Predator watched the lusts and entanglements of the people. All the ways they misbehaved and enjoyed smiling at their pranks. They were interesting to watch.

Dame watched them too, but saw all their flaws and oddities. The moments of ignorance, and social niceties they should know. And how they failed to engage or connect.

And in the middle, in the crowd, Predator and Dame kept noticing they weren’t interested in what was done well.

Predator and Dame started watching each other too. Looking for things to pursue and taking cues off each other of what to follow. And they appreciated what the other understood about humanity. The other’s sense of morality and etiquette. They were often aligned.

So Predator walked up to Dame one night….

And they started talking first. Then because he thought Dame was hot, he started flirting with her. And Dame was happy to participate. He was a very cunning and handsome beast. And Predator thought she was a very stylish and smart lady.

They started to dance around each other…..

Predator bowed to her and Dame bared her neck to his attentions. He held her hand and she flipped her hair. He laughed and she giggled and smirked. Each playing the game as it should be. And soon the crowd started watching the couple. Even copying what they saw their counterpart do.

And the flow of the game and the dance started improving. The dance moves became more concise and on point. And even Predator and Dame saw the change. They wondered what had caused the change. But weren’t interested enough to search for the answer. So they went back to their own pursuits. Their own dance.

Soon enough they wanted more of each other and a little privacy. So they each grabbed a friend and went out onto the balcony. They allowed each other old fashioned courting standards. Holding hands and touching each others’ shoulder or hair. Dame got good use of her fan, and Predator made use of his cigar.

Predator and Dame were becoming quite intrigued with each other. Their friends moved to the other side of the balcony to give them a little space. Much too soon though, the dance break came up and Predator and Dame felt it was time to go back inside. Even with an escort, they knew they didn’t want to cause talk. So they went back inside.

In and out thru the evening, then the week, and for some time, they courted each other. First by sharing their observations of the crowd and what they did wrong. What they agreed should be done right. Then what they hoped to experience.

And they fell in like with each other. Knowing they could never be together. They could only have these moments of tenderness between themselves.

Real life entanglements were denied them. So they enjoyed what they could have. Immensely.

Predator and Dame went home to dream of impossibilities, a world where they could have lust for him and charm and romance for her.
And Predator dreamed of lust. There was only so long he could be a gentleman after all. Little did he know though, there was only so long Dame could be a lady. And her dreams of him would have made him blush at her imagination.

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