Canada’s Telecom Industry – From 3 to 2?

Canada’s Telecom Industry – From 3 to 2?

There are usually three big shows in Canada :

  • Bell,
  • Telus and
  • Rogers (who is in process of buying out a couple others)

For the past 12 min hours, Rogers entire system has been off line. No cell or internet service….

It’s also taken down Service Canada, for govt services and banking services with several major Canadian banks.

The govt says it’s not a terrorist attack. So back to technical issue(s). Rogers is apologizing profusely (obv while using another provider?)

I gather we’re practicing for the apocalypse?

Canadian Twitter users have tried to go to Starbucks and Tim Hortons to use their internet, only to find they need to pay cash if they want a nibble or coffee.

Holy crappola! Calling Batman! Bat signal! Wait, what?? The bat signal is down too???

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