Task Shifting – Disability Resource Use

Task Shifting – Disability Resource Use

In areas where resources are low or rare (Global South, rural, suburbs, during a pandemic, conservative govts) it’s critical to allocate them to their best use. So the highest licenses teach people different tasks that they can do given where they are. So people on the ground are capable of assessing people’s needs and sending them to the proper programs. And the area is covered.

But in a day of specialization, how willing are the higher licenses to share their knowledge and power? Depends if they understand that they cannot do it all themselves.

How willing are the courts, pensions and insurance companies to see these underlings or lesser licenses as credible enough to take their word? And can they legally and ethically?

And how willing are service agencies to foster these relationships so they can provide what is needed for the patient or client? Will the person have

  • a roof over their head, food in their belly,
  • assistance with toileting, bathing, dressing,
  • housekeeping, cooking, shopping
  • advocacy with doctors and pensions/allowances, pharmacies

Is the system set up to adapt to this common sense approach? From what Canada has shown (and I think USA too) the answer is no. It would help with the costs of care and have feet on the ground. But the medical system and insurances have too much investment in the status quo. It suits them, so why would they change anything?

This is a HUGE hurdle

for people who have ltd funds. Lack of money often means they can’t get care and support they need. Which increases their disability and can cost their lives unnecessarily.

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