Q – What Does Quality of Life (QoL) Mean to You?

Q – What Does Quality of Life (QoL) Mean to You?

There aren’t many topics where this factor doesn’t fall into your thinking about what you need or want from your life, for bare survival or pleasure and freedom. And when it comes to how much you’re willing to tolerate the govt intruding into your autonomy and acting as a parent if they think you are incapable of making decisions for you. Or how much the govt wants to act for basic crowd control.

Or how much you let a partner or family member decide for you. For eg, if they had power of attorney over your financial and medical decisions and where you lived and with what supports, would you want a piece of legal paper (alt decision maker, advance directive) stating what your wishes were so the court or a state/govt guardian would know so they could check up on you?

And how much is available and affordable to you, in terms of science, technology, medicine (thru charity or your own funds) and just plain common sense. I mean we can wish, right? Wishes are free.

And yes, it’s a very subjective decision process. Because no two people are alike. Though we can guesstimate the majority of people’s interests, needs based on what is available that they have seen or know of. A lot of study has been done on people so there are parameters, theories most people fall into.

But what about you? What do you think is a good life? For you or your child. And do you think you can provide that? Is there a bare minimum you think must be present? Is it more about relationships, supports, autonomy, or money and things?

Where did your vision come from? Your family? Your religion? Your community? Your career? They all shape you, but where does the apex of what would satisfy you coming from?

And what would you do if that got taken from you? Would you fight to keep it or get it back?

It’s def a thing that takes some consideration. And again, it’s subjective. You are the only one who would know your answers to these questions.

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