Ladies, We Should Talk With Each Other About Our Bodies and Hormonal Cycles More

Ladies, We Should Talk With Each Other About Our Bodies and Hormonal Cycles More

For the sake of self esteem, identity, reasonable expectations & understanding. So we don’t pathologize our experiences or allow it to be done to us either. So we don’t continue the shame many cultures perpetuate onto girls and women. With huts we use when we’re menstruating, women only birthing experiences, FGM so we don’t feel pleasure in our own bodies. Terms like whore, slut, hag, witch, bitch, cunt … that attempt to diminish us.

How aware are you of what your body will be going thru at the stage you are in? Most of us on the web unattended are past the puberty cycle. And working on fertility (or preventing it) or menopause phases. Do you know what the pitfalls are of the stage you’re in? Do you understand that you are not alone or at fault for your issues? Why is it women wear more of the shame/blame when things go wrong? Do you know what to expect and what you could be doing to prevent or minimize the problems?

Sure everyone tells you that nutrition and exercise help manage your hormones. But what can you do to buffer your body when you just can’t? Women’s bodies break down differently. Women are more likely to have chronic pain issues of mind and body (or report them?) So how do you work thru the hormonal stuff when your mind or body won’t play along? And how much of these issues are iatrogenic (doctor caused/contributed to)?

Ahh yes, isn’t being a girl/woman a special experience? Doesn’t all this shame and blame lead to something? Of course it does. Feeling like you have to be perfect, that wrong or right, it’s all on you, that your body and weight have to be in a certain percentile of the impossible BMI index …. lead to body dysmorphia. And media and society don’t help. We have to be slim, sexy, pretty, submissive to men and engaging at all times.

And to top that off, we’re more likely to be abused and/or murdered by our partner. What an end to all this extra effort and confusion. Yeah, I think I’m going to go hug my daughter.


Before you say it, yes men have issues and if you want to write about that guys, let me know and I’ll happily support your writing on your page.

  • the links provide info for those who wish to look under the hood. All the sites are medical, credible and pretty thorough. They look at the common things girls/women face. If you have them, you def shouldn’t feel alone. There are no zebras on them.

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