What Most Zoo Kitties Want – (a primal story)

What Most Zoo Kitties Want –

Miss Kitty was a very docile and calm cat when it came to other kitties. She loved to sit back and watch as they played and mated. Ever interested in their games. She rebuffed all their advances and efforts to have her join them.

Miss Kitty also refused such efforts from the zoo keepers. She barely tolerated them near her when they were bringing her food and water. She’d hide when she heard the keys in the gate.

The vet had been called a few times to look her over. But there didn’t seem to be any reason to worry. The vet just described her as a gentle, shy creature. Which was fine with the vet.

The only thing noted was that Miss Kitty was chewing her paws. To bleeding. So the vet left some special mittens for the keepers to put on her. After failing to get them on the cat herself of course. It took several of them to hold her down and get the mitts on. Only to see that Miss Kitty had them off again in less than half an hour. And no, she didn’t get used to them.

Finally they gave up.

When Miss Kitty refused to engage in kitty games naturally, the zookeepers brought her dates to see if she took to a strange cat better than her zoo mates. Maybe they were just too familiar for her to be interested in that kind of play.

Well, the dates did try. The zoo keepers watched and noted some pretty slick cat courting. But Miss Kitty turned into a psycho-kitty to get them away from her. Even though she wanted kittens, (they were the only other beings she let near her without a fuss), she wouldn’t be mounted. Which was frustrating for the zoo keepers since she was a rare cat.

Miss Kitty got better and better at hiding and avoiding. She found hidey holes and tall places where the zoo keepers and most of the other cats couldn’t get to. And she watched them. While there, she chewed her paws and rubbed her back against a sharp stone. And ended up with long scratches on herself. When the zoo keepers noted them, they ran a hose over her to clean them and charted them for the vet’s attention.

It might have been more worrying, but Miss Kitty was a happy cat, who ate her food, drank her water and watched the other cats with a smile on her face. So the vet presumed she was healthy.

One day, Miss Kitty saw a kitten was in trouble. The little tom had gotten himself stuck between rocks and no one could get to him. He was crying and upsetting his mom and the zoo keepers. Miss Kitty went as close as she could and tried to talk him down. But he was too upset to listen to her.

Finally Miss Kitty got her head in and shoved him out the other side. His mom was thrilled to bits and licked and batted him for being such a worry.

And no one noticed till the next feeding that Miss Kitty hadn’t been able to get herself loose. The zoo keepers tried everything they could think of to free her. And made sure she had water and food while they tried.

Finally they called the vet.

There was nothing they could do for the poor kitty though. So the vet put her down. The other kitties mourned for poor Miss Kitty. Especially the little tom whose life she had saved. It took his mom hours to settle him. He was that inconsolable.

But soon enough things went back to normal at the zoo. There was just one dish fewer at meal times. One less chance for that cat breed to remain a part of the cat world.

If only Miss Kitty had been a different kind of cat.


Macy closed the book and looked at her daughter who was in tears. So she gave her a hug and asked what she was thinking. Jasmine said she hoped that Miss Kitty was in a place where she could be safe being her own kind of kitty now.

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