US Big Causes After Words on Social Media – Riding the Attention Wave from Canada

US Big Causes After Words on Social Media – Riding the Attention Wave from Canada

How many people are still following the same causes you were last year, or the year before? For eg do you know how many people have been arrested after Jan 6? How about BLM? Have there been any more cops murdering black people in USA? Are there still protests going on?

I swear in Canada we hear more about the US than our own country, unless they’re slagging us or our PM. Even when we have an election on. Fed or provincial. Sometimes that’s to our advantage, as in we get to make changes on the back of US events rather than experiencing them ourselves. (ie shootings and gun control law changes in Canada) . On the flip side, the election in Ontario was covered so badly that only 40% of the possible voters actually voted. Or knew why they should. Our current premier has a majority with 18% of the potential voters on his side. (gags!!)

Sometimes their media coming into our country means that some people here say and do stupid things. Like thinking they have the right to free speech vs free expression, or have a 5th amendment that protects them from self incrimination. Ours is Section 7 of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. So yes we have these rights too, just under a different code. And yes we can peacefully protest in Canada. Prob not with an MOU that threatens to unseat a newly elected govt though. That might actually qualify as sedition. You know, like Jan 6th’s crowd taking over the Capitol. But hey Fox news would know better than Canadians if that’s a legal protest, right?

It’s great for jokes among friends ‘in the know’, but it seems pretty pathetic when the people say that stupid stuff as if they live in the USA.

I could recommend a ‘civics’ class like some have. But that is a US thing too! I think ours is called social and political science? Or Canadian law and governance. At least it was back in the day.

So what do we do, when a lot of our media comes from the USA? It seems to be filling our heads with nonsense that has no relevance to our lives or needs. I’m sure it’s important for the US citizens…. Do you feel educated? By Fox news? Is Marjorie Taylor Green your political expert? Should we be listening to her?

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