Puppy Salon – Behaviour Mod 3 (a story)

Puppy Salon – Behaviour Mod 3

After hearing the story of her family and seeing many pictures, Steven thought Meghan might be a good candidate to go further. He thought that care tasks and cuddling/affection often brought out better attachment in couples.

So he made a date with Meghan for a pet salon. She thought at first that it was to help with his pets, but that changed when she saw nail varnish and bath crystals.

Steven waited for everything to sink in, then asked if she was interested in a massage, hair braiding and having her nails done by him? And just that.

Meghan was thrilled! She loved being pampered, but couldn’t really afford all the accoutrements that Steven had on display. She happily said yes.

So Steven got to work. He put out a bowl with sudsy water in for her feet, and each of her hands. While she soaked, he got to work brushing and braiding her hair. And twined ribbons in her tresses.

He then lotioned his hands and massaged her face, neck and shoulders. He could feel her leaning into his touch more and more, as she realized it was about care and affection for him.

Then he worked on her hands and feet, first massaging then buffering the nails with an emery board, and then applying the varnish. Meghan was almost ready to squeal, she was so happy. Then she settled into his touch and calmed down. Almost going to sleep with his gentle touch.

Steven told Meghan that he hoped these salons could become a regular activity with them. He enjoyed taking care of her. It was a thought that made Meghan very happy, and she said yes with a big grin on her face.

What else could a puppy want but such gentle touches and caring attendance?

….. resources (imprinting)

Imprinting does not appear to be as time-sensitive and context-limited in humans as it is in some other animals. Instead, developmental psychologists generally talk about critical stages of development during which it is much more likely that a child will learn something.


Positive sexual imprinting is a process by which individuals use the phenotype of their opposite-sex parent as a template for acquiring mates. Recent studies in humans have concluded that an imprinting-like mechanism influences human mate choice in facial traits.
It can be to attraction or aversion, dependent on the relationship quality.


It’s your first time experiencing yourself more selflessly than you ever thought you could be, feeling things you never thought you were capable of feeling toward anyone. Thoughts of a first love are ripe with emotions, be them good, bad or a complicated mixture of the two


it is seen that the interactions between oxytocin and vasopressin are what cause the dynamics that allow humans to express and feel love.

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