Habituation – Behaviour mod – (a story)

Habituation – Behaviour mod

Meghan was used to being ignored. She lived in a large family after all. And she had been a quiet, shy child. So anyone who wanted her engagement had to work at it. Had to show their interest, their stability, and show her they could be trusted.

And that was who Steve was. When he wanted something. And he wanted Meghan.

Steve wasn’t sure how smart Meghan was though. So the first thing he had to do was get to know her. Watch her movements, her responses to what went on around her. Her ability to problem solve and think for herself. And if she would actually think or just follow what others were doing. She was in a large group and rarely stood out.

Steve soon noticed that she had a quick mind. And she was curious about him. So he played into that.

He bought her gifts. Not just flowers and chocolates either. But games they could play together, that he kept switching out. So her interests in the games and his company continued. And it did. So at least at the beginning, he won. Which meant she saw him as smart, someone to trust.

And he bought her costumes to wear during their time together. At first it was sexy things, or pretty things. But then he noticed that she liked soft furry things more. So he bought her animal skins. Which became more and more full costumes than dress. She ended up with her costume of choice. A dog. From ears to tail and paws. She changed her behaviour to become a puppy when she was in that skin.

So he bought her treats for a puppy that a human could eat and enjoy. Shaped into doggy biscuits. Mostly made of grains and veg or fruit. And he rewarded her wins and smart thinking with doggy biscuits. He noticed she started trying to earn them, practiced more and more when he wasn’t there. He knw because her wins were becoming more complex.

But Steve was still Steve, Still interested in Meghan. And still trying to figure out how smart she was. And if she wanted him. She did.

…… resources (animals)

Habituation occurs when animals are exposed to the same stimuli repeatedly, and eventually stop responding to that stimulus.

…… Why do animals habituate?

By habituating, the animal can resume other important activities, and habituation allows animals to function in a dynamic environment. An animal that fails to habituate to a nonthreatening stimulus might maintain high levels of behaviour toward the stimulus, even when it might be adaptive to direct attention elsewhere.

…….What is Sensitisation in animals?

Sensitization is said to occur when the repeated presentation of a particular significant stimulus (such as food or electric shock) lowers the threshold for the elicitation of appropriate behaviour to the point where a second stimulus, not normally capable of calling forth that behaviour, now does so.


Scientific investigations have unveiled many insights into the mechanisms of habituation, from the neurocircuits of different habituating behaviors to specific associated neurotransmitters. The underpinnings of habituation uncovered in these studies reveal that there are a variety of neural and molecular mechanisms of habituation.

….. resources (human)

Habituation can affect your relationships in a variety of ways: We get used to the good and the bad: As we grow to know people better, it is only natural that we stop noticing every little thing and become increasingly habituated to both their good and bad qualities.


Because habituation depends on the amount of stimuli, it is also related to the spectrum of situations in which stimuli occur. Stimuli that are both present at work and in private life have a higher tendency of becoming habituated because they have more exposure. All sensory processes are liable to habituation.

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