‘It’s a Kind of Magic’ – Cultural Variance in Types of Magical Practice.

‘It’s a Kind of Magic’ – Cultural Variance in Types of Magical Practice.

Was their aim to heal? To commune with the spirit world? To understand the earth and it’s components? To divine or predict what time told, past or future?
How did they commune? Did they have dreams? Go on vision quests? Dance into altered states? Take drugs?
Was their intention to help or to harm?

Often the answers to these questions was where they came from. What their culture saw as ‘good’ practice. What gods they believed in.
And of course it mattered who the practitioner was.

Despite the current trend of Christian orgs claiming these practices are bad or ‘of the devil’, even the church had it’s faithful who practiced magic.

Despite current scientific theorists and theories seeing magic as archaic, some still held dear founders of science were practitioners. ie Isaac Newton. And some of the same discussions once held by magicians are held by science now. So was magic really superstition?

On the opposite side, some magicians are de-bunkers of the craft. On the hunt for charlatans and using scientific methods to do so. Like Houdini.

Some early politicians we revere now were into spiritualism.

So what do you think? Is magic real? Something to think about. If you answer, please be respectful of it’s cultural role. Many people still believe in it.

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