Ontario Election Campaign 2022

Ontario Election Campaign 2022

I think by now you know I vote Green Party and why. But this post isn’t about that. I believe that you should vote for the candidate that suits your needs and your family’s. Take a few minutes before you shop around and determine what your priorities are: environment, public or private health care and education, job creation, protection and wages, disability benefits, old age pensions.

So for me, the way to see which one that is, is to read their websites and find out what their platforms are. See what candidates each party recommends and why. If you have specific questions, ask them. They have campaign offices with staffers who are supposed to answer them. And check how often these candidates are actually in the HoC. What committees are they on? What skills do they have for the committees they are on? Career and education skills. Also check how they work with others to achieve their ends.

Then check and see which parties keep their promises, have honest candidates (preferably who aren’t under investigation for DUIs or sexual assault?)

And don’t just read a major news source and presume they’ve got it right. First of all, most of Canada’s news sources are owned by US companies. They also want to have big business interests met. Which may not meet your needs. not even on the job.

And fact check the info they post on their social media accts. Check to see if they are habitual blockers as well. You want someone you vote for to be accessible. Right?

No matter who tells you you have to vote for a party cuzz they are the only ones who have the power to challenge the incumbent, it still coms down to the person who works for your area and will do the best for your family.

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