Theories Reshaping History in the Americas – PreClovis and Clovis

Theories Reshaping History in the Americas – PreClovis and Clovis

In comparison to the idea that the Americans were full of savage people, that had to be taught everything by the European overlords, settlers and priests, we now know that there were towns, cities, civilizations that may actually be older than any found in the ‘old countries’.

How did they get here?

Many have thought that they crossed the Beringia strait by foot.
Now they think they might have come earlier by boat. But from where?

  • maybe thru Beringia
  • there are connections between Mexico and South America and old Pacific island civilizations. Like the Samoans, the Rapa Nui.

How did they survive?

The earliest civilizations were mostly coastal. They went inland enough to find fresh water and fished.
As they developed more tools, they started to hunt and farm. And settle down. They painted walls of rock and in caves. (Sound familiar?)
The creatures they hunted sound an awful lot like ‘Flintstones’ Woolly mammoths, sabre toothed tigers and buffalo/bison. Bigger things than most of us have seen.

what is a civilization?

A society that has it’s own govt, law, religion, arts, languages, fashion trends and ways of occupying their day, keeping themselves safe and protecting and educating their young.

How were these things documented?

Besides listening to the oral history of the peoples, custom & language analysis, mitochondria testing of the peoples, scat testing, ruins and artifacts, carbon dating, and now ground penetrating radar.

Monte Verde, Chili

the deal breaker?
Cool pix of the site. Monte Verde changed how archaeologists looked at a few things. Like the time line, how they travelled, and where from. It also predates any known town or city in the world. Now isn’t that interesting!


(there are some really cool maps in the sources. Even if you aren’t interested in the material, I think the maps are worth a look.)

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