Languages –

Languages –

I started out my life speaking another language than English. And when I was in Gr 4, I started learning French. Then in HS, I learned Latin and German. Boyfriends and friends taught me smatterings of other European languages. I have a good ear and can mimic people quite easily. When I go on vacation, it takes me a bit to come back to my usual way of talking.

Which explains my love of languages.

So much of what we consider a culture is based on language. And you have to wonder how many there were in times before history was written. Which language came first? If evolution theory is correct, it was prob an African dialect. But where did it go then? What shaped it’s changes and growth? The environment, the people, new tools, an army coming thru…..

Who could you ask? Which field has it right? Well these theorists seem to be fairly popular. If you’re interested? Take a peek!

….. resources

  • Bruner : interaction between children and their
  • Skinner: Operant Conditioning
  • Chomsky: Language Acquisition Device
  • Piaget: Assimilation and Accommodation
  • Vygotsky: Zone of Proximal Development
    source 1
    source 2


language families


changes – neighbours regularly trade with each other and empires march thru

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