Using My Platforms

Using My Platforms

Since I started to use social media, I’ve tried to use my pages for what I can relate to and believe in. Some days that’s easier than others. As I’m sure you know. I often have to ask myself what I bring to each topic, how the roles I fill offline can be used to make what I say more mine. Rather than just parroting what I see others post. Even when we agree, there doesn’t seem to be any point in writing what they would. After all they can do that themselves.

Sometimes that narrows what I write about. Or at least the aspects of it. I don’t know what it’s like to be a man or a boy. I’ve never been married, but I have lived with men. I’ve had a child, but I’ve never co-parented. I have watched my dad and step mom do it, but frankly they sucked at it.

Most of my career has been in health care as has my education. (On and off line) But I also have dreams, so now and then I explore them. (Criminology – though it is a M/D field and I have studied some of it’s aspects). I like knowing that I can grow still, as I age. That means a lot to me.

And even in BDSM/kink, there are things I enjoy more and know more about than others. Esp where it combines my studies and my kink interests.

So someone looking thru all my writings on social media would see a lot about me, whether or not they understood how much I put out there. Which can be a little frightening at times. Esp after I was stalked on here. It’s why I don’t keep my private writings public for long, nor do I have many friends (usually @ 50.

Sometimes it’s also hard to think of things I haven’t said before or put things in a new way. The courses help some with that, and so do my endless indexes (lol). I don’t mean it as arrogance, just references so I’m not as repetitive(?).

It may not seem as if I see what the different sites offer or pay attention to what others are doing, but so much has changed on social media in the past few years. It just doesn’t seem as free as it used to be. And some of the best writers from when I began here have left because of that. Which is a real shame. I miss reading them. Sometimes change is good and sometimes it’s not.

The contests we used to have were idea inducing and made us come up with different things to talk about. It was like we played off each other. I wish they’d begin again.

Oh well, I’m just a pipsqueak in the back woods you might see now and then. So why would you care? lol That’s just my thinky thoughts on this day.

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