‘Rolling Thunder’ Rally in Ottawa this weekend

‘Rolling Thunder’ Rally in Ottawa this weekend

Convoy 2.0?

  • Some of the same leaders
  • Some of the same outsiders’ funding
  • Some of the same participants
  • Carrying some of the same flags
  • Some of the same beefs (PH restrictions) and justifications for their actions
  • Some of the same racist orgs involved (including Chris Sky)
  • Some still hassling Ottawa citizens day 1
  • Some of the same cops supporting the group
  • with the support of some of the Conservative and PPC party leaders again

We have found out so much about the virus that has caused this pandemic in the past 3 yrs, (long covid kids with heart, liver disease and diabetes and more dying with the Omicron variants) and it’s frustrating that there are still protestors claiming the PH authorities and govt overstepped. And despite the fact no court challenges have succeeded (Constitution, Charter of Rights and Freedoms, or Criminal and Public Health Codes), and charges have been filed against the convoy leaders and some of the participants, these people keep gathering and impeding the freedoms they claim they’re fighting for.

It’ll be fun to see if the association of bikers will make a difference between how citizens and police handle this. These aren’t hard workers who are getting their jobs curtailed. There are Canadian bike gangs and the police have had a long history of tussles with them over time.

Maybe they haven’t threatened Trudeau (yet?) this time but they’re still claiming the govt has done something wrong in trying to protect the people of Canada.

So yah, not impressed with this one either.

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