The Priest, Soldier, Philosopher, Businessman and Lawyer Walk into a Bank (no it’s not a joke! I swear!)

The Priest, Soldier, Philosopher, Businessman and Lawyer Walk into a Bank (no it’s not a joke! I swear!)

Have you ever noticed that when you look at political and economic theory, you see an odd collection of theorists espousing their beliefs in what people need? Theorists who have hardly ever spoken to the people in question. And theorists who are discussing things as gospel that have never succeeded, yet they continue to chat about it in the lounge at the university. Theorists who call you insane or stupid if you dare say ‘but they tried that already, and it didn’t work!’ Or say ‘ but you can’t do that, it’s too easily corrupted!’?

Or they talk about a theorist that never intended their work to become a political system and would be horrified by what was done in their name as if it’s their Bible set to life. What it is is an aberration of what they said. Used wrongly. Used long past it’s sell by date.

Use money in the market and I’m a fan. It’s much better than weighing furs or ore nuggets. You have an equal weight of measure. Those who have enough can purchase the item. Or haggle the seller down.

Live together to protect yourself from wild animals, to work together to make and use goods and resources well, to pair bond and raise your kids. Awesome! Just make sure it stays the size of a hamlet or small village. So you can see someone if they have an urgent need and support them. And you shift between groups now and then so the bloodlines don’t get too incestuous.

Have a small group of leaders who actually show caring for the community and have a skill the group needs. Nobody who really wants power or influence though. Not even someone who wants a larger share of the pie. They just have the right skills. Including communication and good decision-making. But they walk among the group everyday.

That is the basic collective need. Not some lobstrocity larger than all the people-groups put together! That roars and grunts and threatens to destroy everyone just by rolling over in it’s sleep. Or hiccupping. Nothing of actual violence.

I think that’s where all the theories fail though. It’s all a magic show, flash and it can’t sustain itself when it comes to practicality. If you look at global or national patterns, the leaders fail by focusing on pride and threats of violence rather than taking care of their people’s needs. Or even taking care of the earth.

So here we are. People getting in the way of each other and calling it enlightenment, progress and freedom, when it’s no such damn thing. Yet is there any way to undo all this garbage and start over again?

Well…. is there??

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