On a day of transition – Social Media

On a day of transition – Social Media

the biggest faces of social media

Jack Dorsey/Net worth
7.3 billion USD


Elon Musk/Net worth
264.6 billion USD


Mark Zuckerberg/Net worth
75.2 billion USD


Whoever is at the top (whichever nerdling billionaire that is) how do you see things really changing?

No matter who dances in the top offices, they still have to do business in many countries around the world that limit what can be said or done in their borders.

There are nations that run govt ads and propaganda basically, so what exactly is it that ‘free speech’ or ‘expression’ means there?

I mean they might get some blowback from the USA about their guys not getting treated right, when the globalists meet….? But considering what else they have to talk about, would that matter? Wars, refugee camps, human rights violations, starving people….

…… if Right Wing Extremist is needed?

Why not put more funding into sites like Parler or Gab? Or give almost broke buddy Trump some coin for Truth Social (snicker)?

……. people be making tracks

Twitterites are posting their other sites today in case it goes private, asks for confirmation ID or Musk charges user fees….. But having just announced today? Yeah I’m sure they’ll need some time to do the paperwork.

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