The Many Ways to Govern the People and Society – Morality & Law

The Many Ways to Govern the People and Society – Morality & Law

………………………We the People!………………..

Aren’t the leaders meant to be serving the people? Whether king, priest, lawyer, or businessman?

When you think about law, the first question is: who is being served by it? It’s supposed to be the people, or the community. But it doesn’t always seem that way, does it?

In a land of many groups, many religions, with many purposes, which one is the primary? Most would say the majority. Or the dominant. But often it seems like the few with big wallets get the attention and services they need. Should we blame Thatcher (UK) and Reagan (USA)? Or does it go back further? The knight (military) served the lord or king, the police served the govt. So isn’t capitalism as we know it now feudalism 2.0? All meant to guard and separate the ruler from the stranger and the poor.

Do the countries that call themselves ‘republics’ change their way of doing things? Not much actually. Instead of the king/queen, it’s the president or emperor, that’s all. Does it matter then who holds the paper it’s all written on if you’re poor or not of the predominant race, religion? Not really.

………………where the power lies………..

  • Is where the money flows from. Which in a global world is trade and tourism.
  • In a modern world, media/communication is key.
  • In an industrial world, technology.
  • When you need to support your country, use and sell resources, get people back and forth to work, engineers.

If you work in these industries, are you valued more by society or your boss? Are the laws written to serve your needs more than others?

………. where faith and culture lie …………

  • Is the national language the one of the majority of the people? Or the governing crown?
  • Is the prayer spoken in the halls of governance the same as the people who serve in it?
  • Which are the national media sources in?

Do they represent the people of your country? Or another that has the money to trade into your airspace?

……. are you stewards of your land? …….

,,,,,,,,, are you caretakers of your people? ……..

Will the people be sustained thru war and peace? Thru ease and hardship? Is it safe to live in urban or rural areas of your country?
Will you support families, frail people and elders of your communities?


This is the way laws are intended to flow. In theory at least. But what should be and what is don’t often seem to coincide, do they?

So how do we get the larger principles of law and governance back in the halls of governance? I’m not sure we can, not and keep what we have now.

Are there changes you would be willing to make to see that society actually reflects the needs of the people?

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