Hall of Doors – Bureaucracy (a story/ish)

Hall of Doors – Bureaucracy

Whenever Charlie looked for a job or even wanted to plan how to spend his day, it seemed like there was a wealth of rules to go with it. Things he should and shouldn’t do while he was just trying to get by. Some were good choices, rules that actually helped. But not all of them were. Some wanted him to be something he wasn’t, and some things impeded him and his connections more than they helped.

Charlie wasn’t sure if it was him who was supposed to change or society, but something should.

It’s not like other people were thrilled either. All these rules chafed. Well most people anyways.

But how does the cow go into the barn without going thru the doors? How do kids go to their class without going thru the halls? The world has many people, so aren’t rules part of being a collective? But how many do there have to be? Must there be a rule for how the toilet paper hangs? Or where you squeeze the toothpaste?

Charlie had a friend who loved the rules and procedures though. Steve said he felt comforted to know what was expected, that someone else was leading and thinking of these things.

All Charlie knew was that when the rules or procedures started going off the rails, it was like a huge game of dominos. Everything all set up pretty till someone blew on it and they ALL came crashing down. And there was nothing at all that could be done to stop them all from falling.

Rules rules everywhere a rule rule.

Charlie wondered if there was one person in each bureaucracy who knew all the rules for that institution. If there was, did the poor guy have a larger brain pan? Was he part computer?

Charlie just knew he didn’t want that job. He had enough trouble matching socks in the mornings! Let alone feeling like there was a life attached to every decision he made!! He was no Sisyphus. Endlessly rolling a stone uphill only to have it roll back and worry about who was in the path of doom.

Was that who had the heart attack or stroke? The rule knower? The rule follower? Well if it was, that person wasn’t Charlie. For which he thanked the spaghetti monster who created him!

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