There’s a rumour going around (again?) – SARS Covid 2/COVID 19 vaccine types

There’s a rumour going around (again?) – SARS Covid 2/COVID 19 vaccine types

For the past year we’ve been engaged in one of the biggest vaccine efficacy studies that has ever existed on planet earth. Many people have had their potential of getting the SARS -Covid 2 virus or Covid 19 greatly reduced. Many have had the severity of the disease Covid 19 reduced. From the age of 5 yrs old and up. Mostly in the first world though. So yes, people are still dying. But in order for you to die from the vaccine, you’d have to be a pretty rare bird. Have allergies to specific ingredients. Or specific delivery mechanisms. And with most of these people it’s already known they have these issues. But if you have a concern, you should be talking to your doctor. Not looking at Joe Rogan interviews. Especially not with doctors who have conflicts of interest.

I don’t usually do this, (but Canadian cities and border bridges are under siege cuzz there are just too many anti-vaxxers getting manipulated by larger purposes in this), but I’m going to close comments. There are links attached to credible sources. So if you have questions, please read further or again, talk to your doctor.

If you don’t trust the mRNA method, please use another type. It’s that simple.


Several different types of potential vaccines for COVID-19 have been developed, including:

  • Inactivated or weakened virus vaccines, which use a form of the virus that has been inactivated or weakened so it doesn’t cause disease but still generates an immune response.
  • Protein-based vaccines, which use harmless fragments of proteins or protein shells that mimic the COVID-19 virus to safely generate an immune response.
  • Viral vector vaccines, which use a safe virus that cannot cause disease but serves as a platform to produce coronavirus proteins to generate an immune response.
  • RNA and DNA vaccines, a cutting-edge approach that uses genetically engineered RNA or DNA to generate a protein that itself safely prompts an immune response.

……. LAV vaccines

Five vaccines that are recommended by WHO are produced using LAV (live attenuated vaccines) technology which are displayed in the table below:

  • Tuberculosis (BCG),
  • Oral Polio Vaccine,
  • Measles,
  • Rotavirus,
  • Yellow Fever.

….. subunit vaccines

The vaccines made by Johnson & Johnson, Moderna and Pfizer contain genetic instructions for the spike protein, and it’s up to the cells in our bodies to make the protein itself.


subunit vaccines (sometimes called acellular vaccines) contain purified pieces of it, which have been specially selected for their ability to stimulate immune cells. Because these fragments are incapable of causing disease, subunit vaccines are considered very safe. There are several types: protein subunit vaccines contain specific isolated proteins from viral or bacterial pathogens;
polysaccharide vaccines contain chains of sugar molecules

  • Novax vaccine is a protein subunit type

(polysaccharides) found in the cell walls of some bacteria; conjugate subunit vaccines bind a polysaccharide chain to a carrier protein to try and boost the immune response. Only protein subunit vaccines are being developed against the virus that causes COVID-19.
No live components, so no risk of the vaccine triggering disease

Other subunit vaccines are already in widespread use. Examples include the

  • hepatitis B and
  • acellular pertussis vaccines (protein subunit),
  • the pneumococcal polysaccharide vaccine (polysaccharide),
  • and the MenACWY vaccine, which contains polysaccharides from the surface of four types of the bacteria which causes meningococcal disease joined to diphtheria or tetanus toxoid (conjugate subunit).

……. Adenoviruses

About COVID-19 viral vector-based vaccines
Two of the vaccines approved for use in Canada are viral vector-based vaccines:

  • AstraZeneca Vaxzevria COVID-19 vaccine
  • Janssen (Johnson & Johnson) COVID-19 vaccine
    These types of vaccines use a harmless virus (in this case, the adenovirus) as a delivery system. This vector virus is not the virus that causes COVID-19. You can’t get COVID-19 from the vaccine itself.
  • Adenoviruses are viruses that cause the common cold.
    There are many different types, including those that cause colds in humans and those that infect other species. Scientists have been using these viruses for decades to deliver the instructions for proteins.

further readings on adeno viruses

science – Ad5 & Ad26 – risk of HIV contaminations?
Yale – issue of blood clots

….. rNA/dNA vaccines

Messenger RNA (mRNA) vaccine. This type of vaccine uses genetically engineered mRNA to give your cells instructions for how to make the S protein found on the surface of the COVID-19 virus. After vaccination, your muscle cells begin making the S protein pieces and displaying them on cell surfaces. This causes your body to create antibodies. If you later become infected with the COVID-19 virus, these antibodies will fight the virus.

After delivering instructions, the mRNA is immediately broken down. It never enters the nucleus of your cells, where your DNA is kept. Both the Pfizer-BioNTech and the Moderna COVID-19 vaccines use mRNA.


One of Canada’s best medical schools on VAERS ‘credibility’

When the leader of your country speaks…. (social media)

When the leader of your country speaks…. (social media)

How seriously should you take it? Ok they’re allowed opinions as well. But there is some expectation that their word is within the laws.

Are they always? You’d hope so. But sometimes that depends on which laws you’re referring to. Nat’l or int’l? Criminal or civil? And how likely are they to get away with it if they speak about things that they shouldn’t be doing? On social media sites, they’d have the out of saying they don’t actually do the comms themselves….. But whether they reviewed the post or not, it’s still theirs, in their name.

And when you respond on their threads, how accountable are you for your tone and wording? You might get your nat’l police or security groups looking at you with a hairy eyeball. But could you actually face prosecution? Depends what you say, i suppose? You could call him/her a few choice names. If you made threats, it would depend on if you had the means to carry them out, or if someone who thought it was a good idea could follow thru on your idea. How plausible is this scenario? Well it depends what you say of course. Some might actually be funny or delusioal. But they are still actual threats. So would they be seen that way?

It’s something to keep in mind when the leaders have social media accts. They aren’t just anyone, so you have to keep a certain decorum. Or take your lumps. Beyond their comms person taking a screen shot and blocking you.

Do you engage with your country’s leader on social media? Or other country’s leaders?

Leftie Loosies, Righty Tighties

Leftie Loosies, Righty Tighties

I got into a discussion yesterday on Twitter, where people tried to convince me that anarchists and communists do what they do because they want to blow up the world and destroy everything. It was quite appalling to me.

First, the people who want to blow up everything are called nihilists. Anarchists and communists want to stop oppressive institutions. Like govts and religions, and like corporate structures and economic systems. They usually do that because their group is in trouble and they want to advocate for them. They will blow things up, but that isn’t necessarily their aim. And they care about who gets hurt too. A nihilist may not.

I think it’s a big difference, when you engage in violence to protect people rather than goods and money. I think it defines what you are willing to do/the limits to get your voice heard. For eg, what value does changing the system have when all the people you say you were doing it for are locked up or dead? Some yes, it’s acceptable to have martyrs. But there has to be something left to blow the world up for.

What do you think of this distinction? Do you see any cause as just enough? Is there a difference between land defenders and human rights defenders and nihilists to you?

Popcorn! – Fads, Trends and Obsessions in the Arts (a story/ish)

Popcorn! – Fads, Trends and Obsessions in the Arts

Tracy and Melissa loved spending time at the mall. No, there were no qualifiers to that statement. They hit every store and cubicle while they were there too.

Most of their friends just went into the pop stores. Whatever their friends at school said was the ‘it’ thing. Whatever the influencers were saying was hot on social media. Most of their friends also bought things.

Not so much Tracy and Melissa though. I mean they bought stuff if they needed it/ Clothes and school supplies. And snacks when they were at the mall too. But they weren’t really shoppers.

What would you call Tracy and Melissa? Voyeurs, maybe? But it went beyond the day’s idea of which colours were hot and which season they were in. What was functional and what was expensive and pretty. It was like they were stripping layers of wall paper off the wall, and seeing something new with each layer.

The mall had been on this site for about 20 yrs. Before that there had been a factory for about a hundred. And before that, there had been an old jail since the town was first one of those old west ones, with a saloon, bank and general store in it. Maybe a livery stable at the edge, or just a bar with some rings on it to tie horses to. And before that there were the odd animals crossing or a wagon train or even a group of horses and their riders.

Tracy and Melissa told their mothers that they felt they could sense the history. And sometimes they felt like the old timers were among the modern day shoppers. All the ladies primped to ‘go to town’ and even the men were mostly well groomed. It was kind of strange when the old and new vignettes mixed. It made the girls giggle.

Their moms had a few chats on the phone and with their fathers, cuzz they weren’t sure what to make of this. But they put it down to the girls’ being young and imaginative, maybe sensitive? And shook their heads when the subject came up.

Oh well, the girls were bright, polite, did well in school and helped out at home. Their parents didn’t know what they could do about this imagination, but since everything else was good, they left the girls alone.

the military race as an industry (a story/ish)

the military race as an industry

“factories factories everywhere
for the bombs tanks and meals
machine guns and bullets
Don’t forget the shacks for the men
and all their uniforms
factories factories everywhere”


Susan could hear the words the soldiers were sing-songing, and it drove her a little mad. It’s not like she was a pacifist or anything. But their song was so true. And her town wasn’t even that close to a base or even the border. Yet it seemed taken over by the military industry. And then there were the weekends when the soldiers came into town for some R&R. You couldn’t go into a bar or restaurant without seeing at least a table full of soldiers. No, they weren’t wearing their uniforms, but it was hard not to tell who they were. Even in civvies.

Some of the businesses closed down when they knew it was their weekend for the soldiers to come. And some of the kids gathered downtown to play anti-war songs when they arrived. At top volume.

Even the paranoids were believed when they said they felt like they were being watched. They were right…. then. It seemed plausible that the army would watch over the town on their satellites. I mean no one could go AWOL, right? The town folk were careful to keep their people with paranoia a little distracted. Lots of hunting fishing swimming at the lake. Some picnics and games too.

Susan couldn’t imagine what it was like closer to the base.


“factories factories everywhere
for the bombs tanks and meals
machine guns and bullets
Don’t forget the shacks for the men
and all their uniforms
factories factories everywhere”

Cycles of Star Influence (a story)

Cycles of Star Influence

This is Alien Tracker Sub-station 4406532-BYO reporting in for duty, We’ve noticed a pattern of stories that suggests that visits have been made to earth on a fairly frequent basis and we have linked them to excursions from planet X-89-AIL-44. We’ve been tracking a path of what appear to be star-ship gases over time. The trips and stories are closely timed according to the gases, so we may have proof of alien visitation. Did you hear that sir? We may have proof of alien visitation!

After receiving this message from the tower, the supervisor went racing down the stairs and checked over his juniors’ work.

  • Simultaneously, there were tales of indigenous peoples sighting air-ships and seeing odd ‘people’ who gave them new ways of coping that had previously been attributed to shamanic visions.
  • There were innovations that had no lead up to them, came out of the blue and helped humanity out.
  • Philosophers and poets had independently written about this common icon and artists had drawn the same picture.
  • Religions had suddenly and seemingly independently sprouted with similar tenets.
  • And supposedly paranoid people who had common claims of abductions and what the abductors looked like.
  • And finally, SETI had reported odd binary number sequences that were abnormal to the area and natural sequences of numbers.

All of these were linked to these gas trails and their timing. It could be a natural occurrence …. luck? Coincidence? But there were just too many links.

So the supervisor sent the data upstairs to be reviewed and forwarded up the chain of command. He knew if this was proven, they’d have to fund an expedition to the planet and see if it was inhabited. But as of now, by his authority, NASA had just been notified to watch that particular area with their telescopes. Because another trip was due in the next few days. NASA wasn’t told why yet, but that there was an interesting anomaly in the area. NASA was always up for new things to look at with their toys.

It was now a race to see which agency saw a star-ship.

In the War with the Gods – Rebel Prometheus is said to be our ally…..?

In the War with the Gods – Rebel Prometheus is said to be our ally…..?

original story of Prometheus

Fire does help humanity do certain things, but some of them actually harm us when you look at it’s use in our development over time.

When it comes to food searing our meat and being able to boil and can our food have helped our lives immensely. Less food poisoning for eg. Less malnutrition.

And yes, having fire to warm us when it’s cold has been of great benefit. Fewer people freeze to death.

Cleaning our bodies and homes and anything that might touch them means fewer infections.

But fire has also built industries and that is a mixed blessing max. We can occupy ourselves, earn a living, make more goods, travel farther than we used to with a cart and domesticated animal.

And what does that get us? Smog and a warming planet. That might kill us.

So Prometheus, creator of dust and water beings and giving them fire, may be our destroyer as well. I guess he should wear a reminder of what he did.

Miller (a story/ish)


Pietr had been bent over his stone all day and was dog tired, sore and a little high. He had smoked a little something to take the edge off and was getting these odd flits of something in the corner of his eye.

It took sincere concentration to keep his hands out of the way of the grinding and he was failing at that before he’d smoked. Now with the added imagery, his head was even less in the game than before. And he was an accident waiting to happen.

But Pietr couldn’t escape what he was seeing. He knew that it was an hallucination, because he’d never seen such things before, and hoped never to see them again. He got up and walked away from the stone and wheel to get his head together.

But it didn’t work. In fact, now that he could concentrate, he saw the whole picture behind the flashes. It was like some futuristic scene. Tall buildings of workers crowded around these machines that Pietr had never seen before. The workers looked like they were chained to the machines. Someone stern was standing over them who had a pocket time keeper on his lapel.

Whenever a worker slowed down the man would walk over and stand behind them to intimidate them. Now and then the man would give them a pink piece of paper and send another man to their place. And the replaced worker stood in a line outside, where they begged for a job, then for food. There was an unmarked grave yard beside the tall buildings.

This vision really unsettled Pietr. He didn’t know what to make of it. He didn’t know how it was connected to him either. Why was he seeing this vision? They say even the disturbed people can only see what they know…. So what did Pietr know of this horror?

He looked for cues…. He saw a stone like his. He saw water like what he used to keep the stone wet and rotating so it could grind. But how did that come into all these machines and tall buildings?

Pietr didn’t know. He was just sure he needed a nap. But was too unsettled to think he’d be able to sleep. So he went and had a snack instead. And talked to his wife about what he had seen. Amalie didn’t know what to think either. But she checked him to see if he had a fever. And tried to reassure him that it was just a dream.

Pietr hoped that’s all it was.

The Larger Arches of the Economy

The Larger Arches of the Economy

Most people think the market is free. Always responsive to the laws of supply and demand. Uncaring of who has the need, truly uncaring of who supplies the good or service. But is it?

  • Money always goes to those who have it.
    Supply goes to those who can pay the highest price for the goods and services.
    Same way as water runs downhill, because it’s easiest, goods travel by the easiest route.
  • Systems affect the way money is spent. Like the change from the cottage and guilds industry to the industrial and unions system ie factories. Quality (goes to those who can best appreciate and keep up that good) of goods and services vs convenience (higher turnover when the work is shoddy).
  • Patents and monopolies force slowing of trade and making of the goods.
  • Cost of living, leisure income are influential on the market.
  • The waves of liberalism (caring for people) and conservatism (caring for business) in govt affect how the banks lend/interest rates, how the major traders and makers/suppliers of goods and services keep and dispense goods and services.
  • Whether there is a war on, a pandemic, or whether the country is in good favour of their trading partners, and now global agencies like the UN, WTO and the World Bank.

So is there such a thing as a free market? If not, which side is weighted more – supply or demand?
Something to consider when the talking heads spew economic theory. Esp if they discuss Reagan or Thatcher.

Shock Jocks and ‘Entertainment’ News

Shock Jocks and ‘Entertainment’ News

Sometimes it seems like there are a LOT of things that can be done differently, can be tolerated so long as you use a different label to describe yourself.

I’m old enough to remember the trouble Howard Stern got into with the FCC in the USA. And not just him, but stations that broadcast him too. But then a LOT has changed since his time. Would he be run of the pack now? They seem to allow Fox News and Joe Rogan free play. They can be as RW, anti-vaxx, pro- conspiracy, pro-Q as they want. And even in Canada, they are tolerated by the CRTC.

While the real consequences play out. Members of their cult followings die. Because they don’t grasp the distinction between real and entertainment. Or even what journalism is. Stern and Rogan started as comedians. They are NOT journalists. Let alone experts in what they discuss with guests. Fox was part of the rabble rousing that began the Jan 6 2021 insurrection. Does it stall them for even an instant that people died that day? That had more listened to them the coup may not have failed?

What do you say or do with these type of interviewers? Who can you call to stop or even make it more clear that this isn’t real. It’s not meant to be taken seriously?

No seriously, who?

Cuzz on the border of Canada/US right at this moment, there is a group of actual truckers stranded, an entire town actually cut off from most outsiders, who had to fight to even let emergency services thru because they’re blocked by the ‘rally’. And then there’s Ottawa our capital, where the ‘rally’ are stealing from homeless people, blocking emergency services, bullying citizens…. yes actual violence has taken place.

Does it matter to the abused people that these ‘rallies’ are spreading around the world? Spread by conservative organizations to foment a political move against liberalism and socialism? Not likely.

So the entertainment folk are tools, and apparently like being used as weapons against their own audience. Interesting. So how is that freedom?