Watching How Media Are Handling the Russia/Ukraine War Over Others

Watching How Media Are Handling the Russia/Ukraine War Over Others

I have a huge caveat when dealing with media sources about events and it’s been taught to me time and again in my life.

do NOT believe media views on critical events.

  • They have slanted, biased views.
  • They go where the money and power are. Pro oligarch, pro corporate.
  • They sensationalize the story. Looking for blood, guts and sex rather than humanity.
  • They are horribly linear. In a war, or political race, there is no hero. When people are dying, there are no winners!
  • They are mercurial. Today’s temperature is… Is it the result of polls, or their comments’ sections?
  • War is never an isolated event. There is always history and bad relations, power plays. So it’s key to know what they are. Independent of media.
  • They seem to have lost sight of their moral, ethical, legal and societal duty.
  • Canada and other countries had to apologize as nations after WWII for how it handled people who are within our borders from the countries in conflict. And that seems to be gearing up again when we’re just entering the hot stage of boots on the ground.
  • No matter where or when conflict takes place, civilians will be killed or maimed, hospitals and schools will be destroyed, and people will be scared. And media will show the people on the side they’re attached to. Not the other. That’s done on purpose.
  • Red scare, extremist scare and nuclear scare are all at play here, and being used irresponsibly by media.


I’ve been watching as they report this war in particular. And OMG the racism in the headers and reporters’ stories, and I’m just in awe that they don’t see it. That they published it whether they saw it or not. Esp bad when they claim the war is about right wing extremists or white supremacy being eradicated. (Which is hypocritical, coming from the USA, UK and Russia with their histories. NONE of them are angels.)

War is equally bad, no matter where people in the world are getting killed. Blood is blood, orphans and widows grieve. Young people are being sent off to fight, to die or be maimed (head, heart and body), and it shouldn’t matter if their face is like yours or not for you to see that. IDK how to make this clearer except to use the terminology of racists and I won’t do that. Other than to say that they see anyone other than Christian white people as expendable. They’re just not.


  • So how do you take what they actually report seriously?
  • And who do you listen to instead of them?
  • How can journalism and social media giant sites be held to an anti-racist standard? Or can they be even? What are the ‘free expression’ or ‘free speech’ standards on this? Or are there any?


I wish I had an answer for you and myself. I guess we just recognize that we’re muggles and live with that. Please be careful not to participate in their manoeuvres.

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