And this is why I vote Green – How to move forward from the Siege in Ottawa and Border Disruption

And this is why I vote Green – How to move forward from the Siege in Ottawa and Border Disruption

The Green Party is now calling for:

green party

  • A National Commission of Inquiry into racism and white supremacy in policing, the Canada Border Services Agency and the Canadian Armed Forces.
  • A full inquiry into the events surrounding the occupation of Ottawa, including failures in intelligence and the chain of command in local government and police
  • New regulations for tracking and reporting funding outside the Elections Act or Charities Act and directed to extremists.
  • Creation of an anti-hate Ombudsperson, as called for by the Anti-Hate Network.
  • Passage of private member’s Bill C-229 banning symbols of hate.
  • Enhanced regulations to shut down on-line hate and disinformation masquerading as journalism/news.
  • Legislation to protect journalists from legitimate news organisations from physical and verbal abuse constituting a threat to a free press.

…. my POV

The pandemic has really shown what nations and world leaders are made of and it’s not all been pretty. In fact some of it is grotesque. Some of it is downright evil. Mandates for the protection of their people are NOT evil or an over reach of good governance. Ignoring common health advice is eugenics in fact. IMO Threatening and abusing health care workers is wrong.

I don’t vote LIB but I see why they imposed the Emergency Act. Sedition and threats from outside the country were in play. Security needed to be upgraded to meet new technology that could fall into the hands of terrorists. With a road map now given for how they could srsly damage Canada as a country. The threat came from more than one place/prov in Canada. It was organized and well funded. And the provinces didn’t have the means to stop all the threats at once. The feds did/do.

I didn’t think their actions were excessive either. The military was only acting as transport. The action remained/remains one for the police. and security agencies within the nat’l arena (CSIS, RCMP). Police actions have remained only where they were needed and as needed. No cops showed up where no thugs were. Except in their usual role in society.

Where I and the Green party agree strongly is that policing needs to be reviewed. When you see that land defenders, economic and environment crusaders, and homeless encampments are treated harsher than seditionist plots, there is a problem.

And there is also an issue the Green party didn’t state,…. but that may be added as the bail hearings are processed…. is that poor and racialized people would rarely be given bail choices. Yet some of the seditious leaders of the convoy have been/are being given bail. So bail and court processes need to be reviewed too.

I’d love to see the judicial and penal systems reviewed generally, but in the system we have now, sedition should be one of the worst crimes a nation has. And those that perpetuate it should face consequences. They should be separated and not allowed to influence society further. And the system we have now says that has to be by imprisoning the members, either in prison or a forensics centre.

So we’ll see how this plays out?

Meanwhile, the HoC voted and by a majority vote, the Emergency Act is upheld for 1 month. Unless the Senate over rides it? Because there are still convoy gatherings just outside Ottawa….There was an incident in an Ottawa mall today and a bomb threat this past week in Ottawa. The funding hasn’t dried up when one of the leaders’ husband was flown by private jet to be with her at her bail hearing…. And another was given surety for bail. So we continue. And no surprise, the CON party is still on the wrong side of history, even with a new interim leader.

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