A Garden Between Dimensions (a tale) – Happy Family Day Canada!

A Garden Between Dimensions – Happy Family Day Canada!

The garden’s elders had the day’s list of families being reunited today. To be sure they were ready, they sent one of the youngest to pop dead heads and remove weeds. Not that they weren’t pretty here too….But sometimes you just wanted the best for new arrivals and today was the day for that.

Today one of the last survivors of a long bloodline was arriving. And she had been expected for awhile. There was a sense of wonder and sadness in the day. It was sad that this was the last member, yet they were glad to all be together. They had been waiting for so long. Thousands of years.

They had searched the world for all their members. And here she finally was. What a day! They could close the book where this bloodline was recorded and shelf it. Finally. There weren’t many books this thick, this rich in history.

So the elders lit a few candles and made a bit of a fuss. It wasn’t often they got a chance to do this. And it made their job that bit special when they could do something more with it.

And they were glad it wasn’t end times yet. Just for this family.

But what was end times? To those on earth waiting for it, it was a time of worry and sadness. But here in the garden, it was a day they had been planning for for thousands of years. That they had thought would come sooner and were anticipating with joy. They were kind of disappointed it hadn’t arrived yet. A few times they had been quite sure it should have come before. But no, the higher ups weren’t ready yet.

There! They got the final bell and stood to greet their last member. There were tears and smiles as she came thru the garden gate. A few of those who thought she would know them rushed to greet her and make her feel welcome. Very rarely did it happen that someone had no one they left behind, but this was such a day. No unfinished business. And she knew her death was coming, so no surprises either.

All was joy in the greeting. And the rest of the family gathered to embrace her and welcome her home.

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