The Gem Table (a tale)

The Gem Table

From all over the world, the women gathered at the table. 15 women, whose mother and grandmother had taught their daughter that they were the keepers of the true faiths. Each had a robe, a chair and a gem stone that was hers to wear. She had a voice in all decisions. And each ceremonial year, the 15 took turns being the mediator when there was conflict and the one who called them to order. Just to keep them running smoothly.

Each year they realized there was more conflict in the world, and less among the 15. They were agreed that the world had lost it’s way and they needed to stand fast with their commitments to their people and each other to withstand the crisis. Or the world would end.

Every now and then one of the sisters thought that maybe they should let the world end. It was obviously in distress and their time with the gods would definitely be better than this nonsense. But her sisters sat with her till she was calmer and ready to go back to her people as their leader. They still had people who believed in the old ways, and some who could be led back. And that was all they needed to have to continue. But yes it was discouraging, when the world was more focused on convenience, money and power than it was on the old values of peace and community.

Each sister had had her time of sorrow so they understood this moment. And had empathy in their turn when it came to listen. And they felt their gods gather to support them when the world was at a critical stage. The gods didn’t think it was time yet. There were things the true people could still do. There were still peoples who could make a difference and differences to be made.

But the candles were running low, the gems losing their shine and the robes were slightly worn around the seams and hems. Something needed to be done. Or the gods would have to intercede.

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