movie quote from Jerry Maguire “Show me the money” – Canada tightens up protestor finances in 2022

movie quote from Jerry Maguire “Show me the money” – Canada tightens up protestor finances in 2022

On realizing that about 2/3s of the financing from the crowd source sites was coming from out of country sources, the federal govt has decided to tighten up legislation in response.

Who are these people?

I’ve heard several theories on twitter, and they don’t seem implausible. Nor does the discussion as to why they would support a convoy that is interrupting Canadian and US trade routes.


  • Russians, Chinese
    looking to expand the Communist foothold in the world.
  • Dominionists
    a 2.0 colonialist ‘Christian’ movement that is white supremacist in it’s move to expand their foothold on the world
  • Stephen Harper
    and the International Democrat Union (IDU) global ultra ‘conservative’ parties
  • Trump
    and the Republican Party
  • terrorists
    looking to interrupt trade and democracy
  • Canadian separatist parties from Quebec, Wexit, Maverick
  • PPC and CPC parties
    who don’t like losing the seats they needed in the HoC to be in the PM seat. We have a plural system, that doesn’t just count the popular vote. And who have been calling for PMJT’s resignation, and opposing many of his actions to block fair govt since he was first elected as a majority. Including calling for his death.


It may seem like the moves to curtail the funding of the convoy are an over-reach, but that is only if you think they’re going after the donations of little guys who gave their last $10 for what they thought was a good cause. That is who you see on the news after all. But that isn’t where the millions of dollars are coming from. At . all.

But that isn’t what this is about. And never was. It’s an end run against Trudeau. To disrupt the trade between Canada and the USA.

And there is a history of war between our nations. For people who look at the past to justify using confederate symbols (2 flags) , that very well could be the people who’d have a grudge against Canada. We fought with the British against the USA after all.

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