Interrupting Valentine’s Day for….the Emergencies Act invoked in Canada?

Interrupting Valentine’s Day for….the Emergencies Act invoked in Canada?

…. what it is


….. PMJT on Twitter

……What does that mean for Cdns?

For those of us who are law abiding citizens, who are sitting at home, minding our Ps and Qs, not donating to the convoy, or participating in/supporting it in anyway…. nothing. We are free to do as we wish.

……what comes next?

The govt, police agencies, banks, insurance companies, and CSIS are going to be scrambling like rats in a maze to gather proof (which won’t be hard at all thx to the hacker who gathered the detes for them from the funding sites, and their own chatter on Zello – how stupid is that anyways??), their truck licenses, with their insurance papers attached, company names, residences, drivers’ licenses…. I mean come on!! Sure, when committing a crime, shouldn’t you lead the cops right to your doorstep? If it weren’t so serious, it’d be a plot for a B film on “worst criminals ever in history”.
And this is saying a LOT, but these idiots are even worse at hiding themselves than the people who stormed into the US Capitol bldg on Jan 6, 2021.
And the tow trucks will be towing, and the police will be impounding, the very vehicles they’re claiming they wanted free of all restrictions.

…… what citizens know

  • about 2000 guns have been stolen,
  • property has been stolen, wrecked
  • space/trade has been blocked
  • people have been threatened, hassled, assaulted
  • the money is coming from outside Canada and separatists inside Canada to disrupt govt and threaten our PM. Just after an election.

…. does it matter why they’re doing it?

Not a shit load nope. With the threats to the sitting PM, it doesn’t matter that they’re protesting the vaccine mandates.

…. a couple NOs in this drama

  • no, the PM hasn’t gone off his lid and acting out on his own. He’s using legal channels, and calling on the right people. And come on! They’ve had their party with bouncy castles, BBQs, DJs and spas. For 2 weeks!
  • no it won’t be unchecked. The HoC has to review it in 7 days
  • and no the military won’t be showing up at our doors either.

….. but make no mistake,

consequences are coming for them.

……Zello has a RAM ranch troll!

I’ll let you have the giggle of looking that up for yourself.

….. happy valentine’s day!

Back to date nights and chocolates.

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