Shock Jocks and ‘Entertainment’ News

Shock Jocks and ‘Entertainment’ News

Sometimes it seems like there are a LOT of things that can be done differently, can be tolerated so long as you use a different label to describe yourself.

I’m old enough to remember the trouble Howard Stern got into with the FCC in the USA. And not just him, but stations that broadcast him too. But then a LOT has changed since his time. Would he be run of the pack now? They seem to allow Fox News and Joe Rogan free play. They can be as RW, anti-vaxx, pro- conspiracy, pro-Q as they want. And even in Canada, they are tolerated by the CRTC.

While the real consequences play out. Members of their cult followings die. Because they don’t grasp the distinction between real and entertainment. Or even what journalism is. Stern and Rogan started as comedians. They are NOT journalists. Let alone experts in what they discuss with guests. Fox was part of the rabble rousing that began the Jan 6 2021 insurrection. Does it stall them for even an instant that people died that day? That had more listened to them the coup may not have failed?

What do you say or do with these type of interviewers? Who can you call to stop or even make it more clear that this isn’t real. It’s not meant to be taken seriously?

No seriously, who?

Cuzz on the border of Canada/US right at this moment, there is a group of actual truckers stranded, an entire town actually cut off from most outsiders, who had to fight to even let emergency services thru because they’re blocked by the ‘rally’. And then there’s Ottawa our capital, where the ‘rally’ are stealing from homeless people, blocking emergency services, bullying citizens…. yes actual violence has taken place.

Does it matter to the abused people that these ‘rallies’ are spreading around the world? Spread by conservative organizations to foment a political move against liberalism and socialism? Not likely.

So the entertainment folk are tools, and apparently like being used as weapons against their own audience. Interesting. So how is that freedom?

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