Karl’s Brand New Toy – (a story/ish)

Karl’s Brand New Toy

She was a black beauty. And Karl did the usual thing guys do. He named her. Black – Schwartz in German. And she hugged curves like she was made for them, so die Anmut made sense. Long name – Anmut Schwartz. Anmut Baby when he was trying to get her to behave, do a little extra. But sometimes he felt like the car had a personality .

Anmut was a nuisance. Like a bad behaved child really. Karl wasn’t so sure what the issue was though. He was pretty sure there was a spell on either the car or him. And had no idea what he should do about it. It’s not like he could afford to replace her. And he sure didn’t want to be responsible for someone else facing the challenges he faced with her.

Anmut Baby never took a direct route from where he began to where he wanted to go. If he tried to hold her to the trail, she belched and shrieked. But sometimes he had to do so if he needed to get to work on time.

If Karl was stubborn, the car would plough into a bank or a tree. Not hard enough to hurt him. But enough that he had to explain his crazy driving to a cop who always seemed nearby when this happened. Then he had to take a breathalizer and walk a line. Of course he was sober.

It was getting embarrassing.

If the car was mad at him and knew he had a date that night, she would save up her bad temper and shame him in front of the young lady. Making gurgling noises and farts like Karl had indigestion. It was pretty challenging sustaining passion and romance with that going on. There wasn’t going to be any lover’s lane visits for Karl and his date.

And Anmut Baby refused to take Karl outside the city limits. Just would not go outside them no matter how much he begged, or what the weather was. He had to take the train to visit his parents. Which cost him more than it should , considering the govt was trying to encourage people using public transportation.

Poor Karl didn’t know what to do. This wasn’t the car he’d dreamed of. At all.

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