Conversion of the World Indigenous Peoples

Conversion of the World Indigenous Peoples

Shortly after the Papal Bull and Reformation Era , the world became dotted with missions trying to convert/assimilate the Indigenous Peoples, and/or enslave then residential schools.

Was the Catholic Church trying to replace all the people who left to be protestants, were they excited by the chance of all those new souls they could shape in a way Europe was lost to? Had they lost whatever humanity they once had? Were they bored cuzz the Crusades were over?

They found out from the traders about these previously unknown peoples and decided to wander the earth, with a Bible, cassock and cross.

The harm was profound and started an avalanche that has changed and lost so many to the hands of what was supposed to be a path of peace and love. It had become a horror instead. One that many peoples are still affected by daily. Some peoples are gone, as if they had never existed, some have very few members left and some are caught in the nightmares associated with their recovery.

If you want to know more, here are a few areas of the world that have been fighting this conversion since the 15-16th centuries:

….. residential schools @ the world

UN report

and the early missions

….. Scandinavia

the Sami of Scandinavia
Sami and the Catholic Church/1500s

….. New Zealand & the Pacific Islands

the Maori of New Zealand
the Spanish and Portugese – Jesuits came to the Micronesia/Pacific Islands

…… Canada

New France
Recollets and New France/pre-Canada

……. US & Latin Americas

Spanish missions in North America/US
the Aztecs of Mexico, the Incas of Peru, Guaraní Indians of Paraguay, the Maya of Guatemala and Yucatán

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